HUB Studios are open

Online media is on high demand and more important than ever – at the HUB Turku we have developed our media production services including the sky studio for podcast and voice recordings and visual media studios for photography and video production. You can find more details about our studios including the pricing under the services menu.

Season’s greetings campaign for December has just began – HUB Turku board was the first to book a group photo session. Books your session online with Shoja Lak Photography.

HUB Studio seasons greetings

HUB Turku board group photo session of the Seasons Greetings campaign

HUB Turku is looking after the safety in our studios as follows:

  • it is possible to keep the 1-2m distance between customers or parties.  Please remember to keep the distance also when you arrive.
  • we offer an opportunity to wash your hands and also have sanitizer available
  • we clean the surfaces and equipment after each use
  • we recommend use of mask during the podcast sessions
  • Seasons Greetings group pictures are recommended to be taken independently for other than family sessions



Changes in the Operations of HUB due to nCOVID-19 and National Emergency Act

Dear Hubbers and our friends,

HUB Turku is following the latest guidelines given by the local and national authorities about the Coronavirus situation. As the board, we urge you to do the same.

Despite the exceptional situation, HUB Turku remains open for our members. Coming to HUB and working at a co-working office environment will be on everyone’s own responsibility.

However, if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms or you belong to any of the risk groups, we kindly ask you to stay quarantined at home.

We have limited the common working areas to be used by maximum 50 people at a time. Also, it is highly recommended to sit at least 3 meters or one desk apart from the next person.

Please feel free to contact us through Fleep. You can also contact the chairperson of the board. Please see the contact details from

Let’s take good care of ourselves & others!

HUB Board

For up-to-date official info and guidelines concerning Covid-19,
please refer to the websites of Finnish Government, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and City of Turku.

Last updated: September 25th, 2020.