“I like the Hub because it gives me the inspiration for creating new ideas.”                                                                                                              -Elizabeth Grokhotova, Educraftor

“The HUB allowed me to connect with like-minded people which on top of great discussions also led to new work opportunities.”                          -Oscar Damén, Cognita Consulting


HUB Turku members are called Hubbers. The Hubbers are enthusiastic and communal experts of different fields . Join us and be part of our hub community and create future innovations and todays solutions!

At Hub we also have host of the day.

Community hosting is at the core of Hub Turku. There is host present most of the time at the Hub every weekday. The Job of the host is to facilitate the Hub community process, to bring members together, and to guide and help the members in any way possible. And of course every day the Host will welcome you with a big smile and a Hub hug.