Corona info

Hub Turku wants to guarantee safe place to work for everyone at every time. 

During the corona year we have modified the use of the spaces and adjusted to the changes it has brought with it. here you can read all about our guidances and restrictions for these  unfortunate times

In all of our public spaces there is a strong recommendation to use masks, and visiting Hub sick or with any symptoms is strictly forbidden.

Disinfecting gel is available in all spaces and hand washing is possible in all three floors. in addition on every working desk there is disinfceting wipes, that you can wipe the table after your use, so the desk is clean and safe for the next user. 

There is six person limit in every space of Hub. Working spaces are plentyful, so if one space is getting close to the limit, we direct people to use different spaces or floors.

Our monthly users, who have their own individual access to Hub, are asked to use their own phone to access the front door, because it leaves is time stamp on the doors daily log. This helps us indentify who has been using the Hub on what days, in case of infection happening in Hub facilities. 

In private offices and teamrooms it is possible to work without mask, but the mask recommendation still applies the private room users, when using the public spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.