Hub Facilities

Hub is the space of facilities

Hub offers spaces for meetings, events and creative work! Hub has meeting rooms from 2-8 persons, eventspaces for up to 45 person and studios of photoshoots and audiorecording!

VAT 24 % will be added to all the prices shown on this page

Meeting spaces

Meeting spaces are possible to book from 9.00-18.00 from Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stated. Special arrangements can be made if you need the spaces outside of these times.

All meeting spaces can be equipped with TV-screen/projector and all meeting rooms include access to Wi-Fi, kitchen/coffee and tea, and multipurpose printer.


Biggest of the meeting spaces, fits 8 people for meetings and teamwork.


4 person meeting room for smaller meetings and other activities. Disan is in regural use in Wednesday and Thursday.

32 € / hour   180 € / day

24 € / hour   140 € / day

Event spaces

Event spaces can be booked for the whole day or shorter period. Send us an email at if you want to book our event spaces or have more questions

Both event spaces can be equipped with TV-screen/projector audio euquipment, chairs and tables accoridng to your needs and both spaces can be turned into hybrid event so your events can be accessed virtually and physically. Kitchen, printing, Wi-Fi and other services are at your disposal when booking an event space

Ullakko / Attic

Hubs bigger event space on the third floor. The space is suitable for lectures, presentations or any other event. Attic fits 45 guests and can be equipped with any video, audio and light equipments you need. Attic is also excellent space to stream events for as many people as you want!

Salonki / Parlour

Hubs casual livingroom like event space. The space is suitable for lectures, workshops or other partisipative events. Parlour fits around 25 guests and can be equipped with any video, audio equipments you need.

200 € / half day   300 € / full day

40 € / hour   200 € / day

Inquiries and bookings can be sent to

Studio spaces

Studio spaces include two Studios:
Hub Studio – for photoshoots and other photography projects, and
HubCast Studio – for podcast and other audio recording works

Both studio are equipped with the proper equipment and person who can use the equipment. Kitchen, printing, Wi-Fi and other services are at your disposal when booking a studio space

HUB studio in the heart of Turku


Photography studio equipped with the proper lights and backgrounds you need. The studio also includes smokemachine, wind machine and green screen. 

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Hubcast studio

Podcast and audio recording room, with mics and mixtable you need for podcast recording, or other audioworks. Room is sound-proofed and and the equipment helps you edit your recording to professional quality!

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Prices starting from:
Studio 1: 192,20 € / 2 hours
Studio 2: 353,4 € / 2 hours

Prices starting from:
30 min + 30 min session / 186 €

We gladly help with other equipment needs you might have, inquire more. If you want to learn more about either Studio space or need customised offer, contact us: /+358 40 501 4948