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Great images are still one of the crucial and effective ways to build the brand image – whether for personal or business use – in marketing these days. Professional photos optimized correctly can help your website ranking in both the regular and the image search results online. Customers are more likely to engage and stay on your site longer too.

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HUB studios have both the daylight and blackout capability. The studio spaces are suitable for a wide range of light and video shooting settings. Our Studios are equipped with Elinchrom strobe and Continuous LED lights and Manfroto stands. The rental includes the use of a dressing and make-up room, shared kitchen and the HUB Turku lounge.

HUB studios welcomes you to book the stills or video with our photo-videographer or rent our space and shoot your pictures and video in professional setting quickly and effortlessly.  We have everything ready for you, so all you need to do is to show up.

Studio 1

  • Area 35 m2
    • Make-up and dressing room available, please enquire
  • Room height 2.60m
  • A 2.72m background, with variety of different colours
  • Chroma Green backdrop


Studio 2

  • Area 135 m2 including make-up an dressing area
  • Room height 2.80m
  • A 2.72m background, with variety of different colours
  • Chroma Green backdrop


Studio time includes:

  • Welcome coffee / tea to catch up with your guests in our Salonki lobby
  • Introduction to the studio equipment as listed below:
    • Set of Elinchrom ELC pro 500
    • Set of Elinchrome ELB Quadra 400
    • Color filters (blue, red, yellow)
    • Elinchrom Rotalux Rectabox 110x90cm and  with grid
    • Elinchrom Rotalux Octabox 135cm with grid
    • Elinchrom Rotalux Squarebox 70cm
    • Elinchrome reflector, Snoot and grids
    • Lastolite collapsable reflector
    • Lightmeter and tetering cable
  • We will provide a check list of the equipment and we go through it with your during the introduction
  • Use of the studio for the booked time


Terms and conditions for renting the studios:

  • Please confirm your booking at the latest 24 h before the session.
  • If the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before the session there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the booking value.
    • Exception: During the pandemic you may transfer your booking in case you or your guests are in quarantine
  • You may not transfer your reservation or sublet the equipment / studio to third parties without the consent of HUB Turku. The studio is only for the people involved in production / filming. Extra persons must always be agreed separately, we recommend the HUB Turku “1st date” one-day membership for any additional visitors.
  • The customer agrees to use the equipment professionally and with care. The natural wear and tear of the equipment is included in the rental.
    • Equipment breakages due to damage or negligent use during the rental period will be repaired at the customer’s expense.
    • The customer will replace any equipment lost, destroyed or stolen during the rental period in full with the purchase price of a similar equipment.
  • At the end of the rental period, the studio must be empty and cleaned. If the studio is left untidy a cleaning fee of 50 € / hour + VAT 24% will be charged.
    • If the time allotted is not enough, ask the studio technician for extra time in good time.
    • Exceeding the rental period will be charged for the next hour.
  • The non-invoicing customers may settle the rental in advance or on arrival at the HUB Turku


Price List – rental studios

For photographer and video production services please consult our partner Shoja Lak Photography, please find more details here.

Studio 1 – rental fees

2 hours155€+24% VAT
Half a day (6 hours)290€+24% VAT
All day (max 12 hours)395€+24% VAT

Studio 2 including make-up space – rental fees

2 hours285€+ 24% VAT
Half a day (6 hours)495€+ 24% VAT
All day (max 12 hours)655€+ 24% VAT

Extra services

Please specify any additional needs when booking.

Additional studio hour40€ per hour+ 24% VAT
Extra opening fee Saturday and/or Sunday40€ per day+ 24% VAT
Smoke machine 500w20 € per day+ 24% VAT
500w air blower20 € per day+ 24% VAT
Late cancellation fee 50% (for cancellations less than 24h prior to booking50% 
No show fee 100% of the booking value100% 
Cleaning fee50€ per hour+ 24% VAT
Help with production; use of equipment or consulting in the filmingfrom 55€ / hour+ 24% VAT

For additional equipment needs, please contact us.

If you have any questions or wish to have a tailored offer please contact us for more information.