Past activities

During its existence Hub Turku has hosted a wide range of events both inside and outside of HUB, taken various initiatives and even changed the physical cityscape through different projects and pop up -style activities.

On this page we have collected links to some of the most important Hub activities from the past years. Also news articles related to Hub are listed under following headlines.

This page is till under construction 🙂


Past events at Hub


Past projects

  • Rajoja ylittävä dialogikulttuuri“, 2020-2021, coordinator Nana Blomqvist.
    • Community project developed methodology and models for democracy education empowering youth to become more active citizens
    • Funded by Regional State Administrative Agency and other sources
    • Project outcomes included various articles, audio materials, workshop concepts and an art exhibition titled “Love Crossing Boundaries”.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions the exhibition took place outdoors at the beautiful Luostarin Välikatu alley 12 June – 20 August 2021.