HUB Turku is being developed by a non-profit founded late 2016. At the moment we are mapping out the potential users of the space as well as planning the services being offered there.

Would you like to take part?

We want to offer a platform to grow and develop. If you would like to take part of developing HUB Turku, contact our team members and we will find you valuable work in the project.

What would you like to see in a co-working space? We would love to hear about your ideas, whether they are big or small! You can share your dreams and wishes in our public Facebook group, so come on in and join the conversation.


Peter Fagerström
Chairman of board
+358 50 533 1278

Juho Vainio
Vice Chair
Spatial and project design
+358 40 578 8547

Johanna Liipola
Makerspace coordinator & Service Designer
+358 50 486 8624

Artturi Elovirta
Public Relations coordinator
+358 45 279 3570

Annaliisa Salmelin
Service design and business development
+358 40 1911 020

Joachim Ramström
Member of board
+358 400 815 280

Juhani Koivuviita
Member of board
+358 440 644 755