Meet the Hubbers: Saavu

Who are you?

Konsta, Santtu, Mirva, Erno, Nikke, Ahmed and Jussi. Together we are Saavu.

What are you?

A startup that believes in making things simple. Saavu is a modern and simple attendee management tool for event organizers that want to create better experiences for their attendees. Replacing forms with an intuitive chat, Saavu enables clear communication and meaningful interaction with attendees.

Your interests?

We have a common passion for organizing events, watching funny cat videos and and drinking coffee. Individually our team members are talented coders, musicians, athletes and amateur artists among other things.

Your talents?

Our strength lies on the capability to spot problems and fix them with simple solutions. And working as an awesome team. <3

Love story of Hub Turku

You could say that we were born in Hub Turku. Saavu was founded in the spring of 2018 and since then we have held office here in the warm cradle of HubTurku.

The support of the community, meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and having a buzzing environment around us has been energizing! The place gives us inspiration and motivation to keep going from day to day.

Your character

Smart and ambitious with a hint of craziness.

You are delighted, when…

We see that we have had a positive impact on peoples’ lives, whether it’s helping them create better events or anything else outside work. Or when there’s fresh coffee to drink at Hub.

You get annoyed, when…

There’s no coffee.

What makes you stop being angry

Making coffee.

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

Making events magical places where it’s always sunny, artists are on time and drinks are magically refill themselves without having to wait in line. Everyone is jolly and happy.

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