Behind Hub Turku

Minna Janhonen

I am a girl,whos heart belongs to Central Finland, but home at the moment is in Finland’s oldest town, Turku. I love to travel and explore the world. I love to wonder and question. I challenge myself as a young entrepreneur, I travel, I want to develop the society around me, – I love to learn. I have learned, that things tend to happen when one says them aloud/writes them down. This is my way of doing those both.

Minna Janhonen



.Jocke Ramström

My big passion in life is promoting entrepreneurship in any form and shape. My  heart is also burning hot for the new pedagogical revolution. If you want to know what I mean, come talk to me, it will easily take up a few hours of passionate discussions.

I’ve been working as a coach, mentor, trainer of teams of students, business owners and collegues for many years, and I continue to grab any chance I get for promoting and speaking enjoyfully about learning.

On the picture you see my second passion in life, our Finnish Lappland dogs. The other one I could not fit in my arm, but we have two of them. You can follow our life with our dogs on my personal blog (although only in Swedish) :