Although we love our Hubbers <3 , we decided to have a little break from introducing them and let you know about our kitchen renovation we had last Sunday (11.3.).


HACK my HUB Kitchen renovation marathon started at 10 am and the Hubbers were excited about the renovation. There were many fantastic ideas for the design and together the Hubbers decided to use recycled materials. Most of the materials came to the Hub as donations. We want to thank everyone who donated materials for the Hub – you are amazing! <3


We didn’t get all the materials so called “ready-to-go”, but that didn’t stop our creative and capable Hubbers to customize what we had into what we needed. For example we had a lot of wood that the skillful Hubbers turned into kitchen work surface.

We also painted some walls around the Hub. The lobby is now bright, inviting and ready for picture frames. We had an idea of putting pictures of all the Hubbers into the lobby to welcome everyone coming to the Hub. If you want your picture on the wall, please contact board member about it.


The renovation atmosphere was great all day – everybody helped each other out and worked together for fabulous Hub kitchen. Juhani (Hubber/board member) said: “Time flew. It was already very late in the evening when I realized what time actually was. This type of physical work was an excellent opportunity for an “office rat” to do something different and useful for our community.”


Hack My kitchen renovation lunchbreak

The kitchen isn’t done yet which is great for those who want to influence the kitchens final design. We’ll let you know when the next hacking time is – so follow our social media or newsletter. 😉

Maybe in the future we’ll have cooking and baking breaks in the Hub. Let us know if you would like to cook or bake with us! 🙂 And what delicious meals you would like to taste in the Hub. 😉