As part of the Hub co-working space we felt a café is essential, especially since our location currently is on the most beautiful street in Turku.

Welcome to pop in for a coffee and perhaps some hand made sweets and pastries made out of local berries and fruits. You can bring your laptop, come and work, and get to know the Hub community as well.


Kahvi/Coffee 2,5 (Santsi sisältyy/refill included)

Tee/Tea 2

Piirakka (makea)/Pie (sweet) 3,5

sorbetti keksillä/sorbet with biscuit 2

candy rolls (hand made from local berries and fruits)  3

Chocolate ball 2,5

Open weekdays 11 – 17
Wednesday open from 10 am
(The host for the co-working space is, however, already there to welcome you at 10 am all other days too)

Open during the Christmas markets in the weekends too

Most of the products are vegan, and the little milk, eggs and honey that are used in a few of the products are organic. Everything is made from local berries and fruits, picked and made by Nana who runs the café, herself.

In the café you will also find a gallery and design shop. Welcome to explore!

Wednesdays, Hub breakfast program 10-11, open for the public, follow the Hub Instagram to see what the program is for each Wednesday. 

If you have any inquiries about the café, gallery or the design shop do not hesitate to contact Nana Blomqvist:

Ota yhteyttä: