Text: Nana Blomqvist

Love Crossing Boundaries – the vernissage

”Impressive”              ”touching”                 ”astonishing”

”Why haven’t this [outdoor exhibitions] been done before?”                                                                ”Impressive, the whole thing, the frames, the artworks, this milieu…”

… were some of the reactions to this exhibition at the vernissage the 12th of June 2021.

Photo credit: Eetu Simppanen

This exhibition is provided by the project Boundary Transgressing Dialogue Culture, at Hub Turku Ry. The project is led and coordinated by project manger Nana Blomqvist. This unique outdoor exhibition has been made possible by the bravery, effort and persistence of many people.

The photo artworks has been created from the inspiration of the idea of the artist Rewan Kakil and Saara Aina with the permission of their brave models.

Photo credit: Anton Perttu

This outdoor exhibition was made possible by the funding from Stiftelsen for Åbo Akademi who funded the work with the exhibition with 3000 euros. The weather proof frames has been built by Hasan Al-Rubaye. The graphic design, by Jenny Wiik. And the beautiful and colourful vernissage reception was facilitated by the Hubbers Anton, Nana, Eetu, Paul and Juho.

Despite the rainy weather, approximately 50-60 people attended the vernissage.

The exhibition is contributing to the milieu of the old part of town in Turku on Luostarin Välikatu until the 20th of August 2021.The closing of the exhibition will be highligted by the panel The Fire of Love and Hate the 20th of August as part of the program for AboagoraNana Blomqvist will be the chair of the panel discussing patriarchy and nationalism with panellists Tuija Saresma and Hannaneh Mahmoudian.