Meet Andres Fossas

Who are you?

My name is Andres Fossas. My full name is Spanish: Andres Fossas de Frutos. Frutos means fruits, but it may (or may not) have been a town or a village where some of my ancestors lived.

What are you?

I’m a psychologist and currently have 3 different jobs. In the first job, I look into the kinds of culture that different companies have. For the second job, I do research about adult maturity and how we grow in adulthood. The mind continues to grow if we give it the right conditions, and I study how that works. I have worked around the world. On top off all this, I also teach meditation.

Your interests?

One thing I try to do in my life is to combine my interests and my work. I am deeply interested in adult maturity, meditation and being with my 4 month old child Vincent.  I am also interested in virtual reality.

Your talents?

I like getting to know people and I think I am naturally curious about people. Talking to people has become easier over time. I was shy in high school and my brother pushed me to take acting classes and it helped. I really enjoy understanding what is driving people deep down, below conscious awareness, and helping people to understand what they’re good at.

Love story of Hub Turku

Good question. I moved to Turku in last August when my wife was pregnant. I was terrified at first, because the Finnish culture was just so different than anything else I had experienced. But, in the middle of that, I needed to find some motivation to continue working on my own as an entrepreneur. Normally I worked in coffee shops but that becomes difficult to do over time since it’s a lonely environment. I was happy to find a space where there was a community and social support. I found Hub Turku on Facebook and went to visit. It was love at first sight. I just started coming. Hub Turku is an emotional home for me, particularly because it gave me a sense of grounded-ness in this new country. Being able to speak with other people and being in community, that alone has great value.

Your character

The MBTI personality test has told me that I am an extrovert. I get a lot of energy by talking to other people, though I also enjoy focusing on really deep things.  I like to think of different possibilities, and I have studied happiness. I like to think about invisible things or imaginary things I’m not that into concrete things and I don’t enjoy getting my hands dirty. And though I am relatively unorganized, I’m also very curious.

You are delighted, when…

I am having personal conversations and people open up. When Vincent laughs, and when I am relaxed too. Meditation helps with that.

You get annoyed, when…

I don’t say what is truly on my mind. When I feel something strongly and I don’t speak up, or when I disagree with my wife. Also long lasting back pain annoys me!

What makes you stop being angry

Self-compassion. When I get really upset I seek out time on my own. I often tell myself I did my best and try forgiving and being kind to myself.  Meditation helps me when I am pushing myself too much. If I have an issue with other people, it helps me to be honest with them and express my feelings and what is really on my mind.

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

By touching people they slowly would start to see the parts of themselves that they have been suppressing or rejecting. Most of us have been told too many times while growing up: don’t do this or that. That is how we develop shame, when we think there’s something wrong about ourselves. For example, many guys are told they shouldn’t show emotions like sadness or sensitivity. And that can cause serious internal problems for the person. We need to rediscover those hidden things in ourselves, the things we’ve suppressed, and face the difficulties in our lives.