The most important part of the HUB Turku is the community and its members. They all have different skills and personalities, which makes the HUB an even more exciting working place. Today we are introducing Annaliisa who also is a member of the Hub board. Come and meet us also in face to face. We will welcome you with a smile!

Meet Annaliisa

Who are you?

Well I’m Annaliisa at formal but most prefer Annukka.

What are you?

I’m Senior Service Designer and entrepreneur at A45-Aneljäviis ( My background is in industrial and conceptual design and after becoming an entrepreneur I have focused only on service design and made a masters degree on Service Innovation and Design at Laurea, graduating in 2014.

Your interests?

I’m intrigued by people and how they behave when choosing a service or a product. How they make the decision? Which things influence in the decision? Why I choose this and you choose to chose that and that kind of thing. I guess I could say that the interaction and observation of people behavior keeps me interested on developing better services. We are all individuals and should be served that way as well.

Your talents?

My strength lies on empathy, visualisation skills and controlling/seeing the big picture while developing strategies, services and businesses.

Love story of Hub Turku

My love story for HUB Turku started on 2014 when I and Artturi bump into each other at the same 6aika-seminar. We were both listening criterias for applying 6aika project fundings for both our projects. After the seminar we talked about the Hub and how we could join our forces to make it happen. It took a while but eventually in 2016 it started to take shape. So long story short, this was the first kick-off for me to be involved creating the HUB Turku together.

Your character

I’m radically organised and creative at the same time. I love to do things.  Not just talking but actually getting my hands dirty.

You are delighted, when…

I get to go to the forest which is my source for inspiration and relaxing.

You get annoyed, when…

People are not in time and I or punch of people have to wait to get started.

What makes you stop being angry

Just hugging and saying everything is alright 😀

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

My superpower could be able the save all the elders from feeling lonely and abandoned from the society. I could explain this a lot but I won’t. Just leave it here.