The most important part of the HUB Turku is the community and its members. They all have different skills and personalities, which makes the HUB an even more exciting working place. Today we are introducing  Artturi who also is a member of the Hub board. Please, don’t be afraid to come and meet us also in face to face! We will be waiting with coffee and tea.

Meet Artturi

Who are you?

I go by many names like Ami, Amppari, Amipami, Paatami, VJ Turu Sanoma, and some others not to mention. My given birthname is Artturi so I think its me. What was the question?

What are you?

Personally I’m a start up, cus I don’t know what I do, but I do it anyway and with great passion and love. No, really, I’m an  some sort of media-artist, future enthusiastic and city activist/developer. I organize events, make video art, miggle with electronics, electronic music  and do crazy stuff. I want my hometown Turku to become the worlds greatest place to live and succeed, together.

Your interests?

I’m interested about culture, arts, science, electronics, music and mind revolution. I believe that we can all-together change the world to better and overthrow poverty. I’m interested to see when we all see the bigger picture and start to build the next phase together aka jobs for everyone to fix this planet. It’s kinda endless task.

Your talents?

I try to think outside of-the-box. I try to tell people to get out-of-the-box and to forget the stupid box. Its only a box and its dark in there.

Love story of Hub Turku

Once upon a time in Turku there were a need for community for electronic enthuastics and I bumbed to some other hobbiest that were into building electronics and we formed a “collective” called Kokomys, kodinkonemusiikin ystävät. I think the year was 2006. Kokomys went on for couple of years and then split up since all went studing and formed families and such. So there were a need for a makerspace in Turku since then. Many things happened in between and I was looking a place where to build the society again and then I met 2016 Peter and Annaliisa and we teamed up to make these things viral again. Just that this time we included the CO-WORKING idea to it all and so HUB TURKU was born. It took like 1,5 years to make things really physical but now rest is history and HUB + MAKERSPACE is alive and kicking!! <3 <3 <3

Your character

Dreamer and realistic. Hyperactive and smoothie. Restless and relaxed in a same word. A round peg in a square hole.

You are delighted, when... 

I can spend time with my daughter Helmi. She’s the light of my life and we do all kind of fun stuff together, mostly laughing. Also, I get delighted of wise/brave people and good conversations and innovative action.

You get annoyed, when…

somebody pisses in my cereals. Seriously, that’s not funny.

What makes you to stop being angry

A good laugh!

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

Supersight, extra ear, stretching arms, bad breath,  spandex suit (I don’t know if its a superpower but its cool), ability to eat nuclear waste (?).. All the basic stuff.