The most important part of the HUB Turku is the community and its members. They all have different skills and personalities, which makes the HUB an even more exciting working place. To start off with presentations of Hubbers, here is Johanna who also is a member of the Hub board. Please, don’t hesitate to come and meet us also in face to face.

Meet Johanna

Who are you?

I’m Johanna, they also call me Johu or Jo.

What are you?

I always loved books and papers. That’s why I first printing technology and later on a desire to change the world to a little bit better place made me a designer.

Your interests?

I’m interested in how the world ticks. Other people’s thoughts and minds. I like to explore the city and find different angles of the environment, the nature and the people.

Your talents?

I hope I can boost people with some passion. I like to think that I’m good at listening to people and finding the best parts of them. I also am good at turning ideas into real working concepts, changing a big picture to small pieces and vice versa.

Love story of Hub Turku

I met some of these people a couple of years ago, when I heard them talk about creating a Hub in Turku.  I could really image a place where people can meet with  strangers and talented people to work and have some fun together to make the difference.

Your character

Calm and temperamentful in same person

You are delighted, when…

… when I see something beautiful and well done

You get annoyed when…

people are wasting their time and resources

What makes you to stop being angry

… when I get an apology

… some boxing helps as well

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

I would be able to clean all the water in the world. I would be able to clean all the plastics from the ocean and land.  Also I would be able to give some piece of happiness to everyone.