The most important part of the HUB Turku is the community and its members. They all have different skills and personalities, which makes the HUB an even more exciting working place. Today we are introducing Juhani who also is a member of the Hub board. Come and meet us also in face to face. You might even get a Hub hug!

Meet Juhani

Who are you?

My name is Juhani. Some people call me also Jussi, Jusu, Juhku, Puhani, Uncle Hani or Onu Jorma. It’s nice to have nicknames, they bring some flavour to the relationships that I have.

What are you?

I’m co-founder and COO in Educraftor. Our company is an innovation and educational development agency. Maybe you’ve heard about Eduhack? We started that hackathon series. In the Hub board I’m the secretary which suits me since I’m a Finnish teacher.

Your interests?

Learning. I work around it, I want to develop the process, I’m learning myself every day. It’s also a topic of which we all have opinions about. What’s your answer to the question: “What is learning?”

Your talents?

Diplomacy. I get along with everyone. Also keeping the balls up in the air. Operational leadership is something that I’m learning constantly.

Love story of Hub Turku

Peter – my good friend and our CEO – invited me to meet the Hubbers. And here we are. I fell in love with the idea of having a place like this in the city center. At the same time I also fell in love with the people. We have a wonderful team behind the Hub and also a powerful community, which keeps getting bigger and lovelier.

Your character

I’m a very positive character. I smile and make people smile. Still, I’m a Finn and I have that romantic melancholy in me. Being very active and social makes me want to balance it out by getting into silence and out of the everyday fuzz. For this I have a summer place with my brother that we visit especially in summer. Music makes me drift away also and my favorite relaxing moment is lying on my living room carpet as an X figure with the headphones on.

You are delighted, when…

someone makes a spot-on joke. I lived almost 10 years in Estonia and was introduced to black humour there. The harder the work day, the darker the humour.

You get annoyed, when…

people don’t know how to move in traffic according to (my) rules, especially as a pedestrian. To me it’s simple: you keep on the right side, you make way if you are more than one and you pay attention to other people around you. Sometimes I fall into “traffic rage” moments and can be huffing and puffing about even the smallest details for a while.

What makes you stop being angry

by saying “I’m sorry”. I think the best way is to confront the problem and be open and honest about it.

And in traffic by staying on the right side of the road and out of my way! 🙂

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

I would have an “empathizer” as my weapon to bring more respect and understanding in between people of the world.