The most important part of the HUB Turku is the community and its members. They all have different skills and personalities, which makes the HUB an even more exciting working place. Today we are introducing Juho who also is a member of the Hub board. Come and meet us also in face to face. We will welcome you with a smile!

Meet Juho

Who are you?

My name is Juho Vainio and I’m a native Turku region guy originally from Raisio. I’ve had a like-dislike relationship with the area for years, which every now and then has sent me to live abroad, but every time I’ve returned with energy to make the place a better and more creative space, one step at a time. This has lead me to take part in projects such as TEDx Turku and HUB Turku, as well as numerous other local development projects.


What do you do?

I’m a bit of a jack of all trades but currently I work as a design technologist, which means that I combine design methodologies and technological know-how to create easy-to-use and attractive products and services. I’m also at the verge of moving from a sole entrepreneur to running a limited company which is super exciting and definitely a process that will teach a lot.

Currently I mainly work with Salo based front-end focused software company Gavon as well as my own business.


What interests you?

People interacting with each other and their environment, all forms of art and crafts, following scientific news, reading and watching science fiction, learning new skills, building stuff, coffee brewing, gardening… the list goes on since I’m easily captivated by all kinds of things 😀


Your talent

I’m a quick learner and adopt to using different tools, thinking patterns and technologies pretty easily. The downside is that I’m not able to create routines that well, unlike most other people can.


Tell your story with HUB Turku

It all started at an event at Spark Up about two years ago focusing on creating a makerspace in downtown Turku, which was held by Annaliisa and Artturi. During that event I happened to have a chat with Peter, who was gathering a group of people interested in making HUB Turku happen, and while heading home Peter convinced me to join the mission.

After that event life’s been full on hubbing, with a few drops of sweat and tears, and a lot of support from all kinds of awesome people, but I think we are now on to something far bigger than any of us! Which is pretty neat considering that we have been doing this with quite a limited amount of resources and a lot of good will.


Your nature?

Kind, open, slightly introverted but deeply interested in others, reflective (a tad too much sometimes), analytical, exploring, artistic, nature loving.


I get happy about

Spending time in the nature, making things, having deep and meaningful discussions, making art.


I get annoyed by

Broken and scattered workdays, I really like diving deep to my work and nowadays it’s been quite a bit of just running from place to place.


I get calm with

Sleeping a good nights sleep, reading a good book, writing down my thoughts and feelings


If I was a superhero, what kind of super power would you have?

I’ve always dreamt of flying, so if I could be a superhero I’d definitely just be flying to places all the time, or teleport, that would also be pretty awesome.