Favela – The Mirror of Societies

This exhibition was born out of a rather spontaneous decision at the Hub café when Nana met Bronislav and Suzana. Both Suzana and Bronislav have been working for NGO’s that aim at improving the social and educational prospects of the the people growing up in the Favelas.

Film screening the 2nd of December 4-6pm of the documentary Complexos. The film is in Portugese with English subtitles. Discussion with producer Leonardo Custodio and photographer Bronislav Dolgopyat will be held in English. The event is free of charge, however, requires registration through this form REGISTRATION FORM

Any questions about the exhibition or the film screening e-mail Nana Blomqvist at nana(at)hubturku.com

This exhibition is presented as part of the Boundary Transgressing Dialogue Culture at Hub Turku Ry, and driven by the passion of the photographer Bronislav Dolgopyat who lived in Rio de Janeiro favelas Cantagalo and Matriz for 5 years. Living among slum dwellers he experienced first-hand unequal socioeconomic conditions these disenfranchised citizens live under. Favela residents became his companions and mentors, some of whom remain his close friends to this day. In his quest for truth Bronislav made decision to bring to light what is seldom seen by the rest of the world, that these ordinary favela people are striving to lead decent lives despite being trapped in precarious living conditions.

Listen to the Wednesday breakfast seminar at the Hub with Leonardo da Costa Custodio who is engaged in both research, media work and activism in the Favelas.

Hub breakfast seminar with Leonardo Custodio 10th of November